The Cases

Our premium photobooth cases are professionally designed & built to be both sleek & durable while providing a unique set of key operational & security features. Our cases can be purchased either separately or with one of our elegant enclosures to create the ultimate turn-key photobooth solution.

What makes our photobooth road cases unique?

Sleek Design & Durable Craftsmanship

We have successfully completed hundreds of photobooth events over the years so we know from experience what works and what doesn't. We leveraged our knowledge & experience to design cases that have a sophisticated look while utilizing professional building techniques that enhance their ease of use & durability. We have eliminated the industrial "riveted look" of conventional road cases in favor of a sleek, minimalist design that compliments the elegance of our enclosures. The all black extrusions and clean lines make our cases stand out from the competion and will help you do the same. We believe our cases are the perfect combination of great design and craftsmanship.

Enhanced Security Features

We have installed discreet, locking button latches on every door of the cases which helps to ensure that your equipment will not be tampered with while on location. As you probably know, you will be required to set the photobooth up in advance at most of your events and our integrated locking door latches will keep unwanted hands away from the expensive electronics inside the cases while you are not present. Furthermore, the locking mechanism that secures the cases together when stacked is located on the inside of the cases rather than on the outside. This ensures that the cases cannot be detached from one another without first gaining access to the inside of the cases making them far more difficult to tamper with than conventional cases.

All Brand New, High-End Electronics

If you've been shopping around for photobooth cases you've probably noticed that many low priced companies use refurbished or late model cameras, printers, computers, and flashes that were likely purchased used to begin with. Our cases include all brand new, high end electronic equipment most of which are covered under the original manufacturers warranty.

It's Not Just A Photobooth, It's A Turn-Key Business

Our full service case option doesn't just come with cases, electronics & software, it also comes with customizable brochures & event contracts, an in-depth user guide & video tutorials, pre-made screen & print templates, pictures of the booth for your website, & free email/phone support. It's not just a photobooth, its a brand new turn-key business with a proven track record!

Easy To Transport, Set Up & Use

Our cases are lightweight and designed to easily fit into most sedans. They can be carried or rolled through any standard door way and can be stacked and ready for operation in less than 5 minutes. Since the electronics can be transported while mounted in the cases all you need to do is connect the power and printer cables, power on the electronics, and you are ready to go. Please Note: Printer manufacturers suggest that printers not be transported on their sides or upside down. Unless you can safely transport the cases right side up we recommend transporting the printer in its own box or case.

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Cases Include:

  • 15.6" Windows 10 laptop with 19.5" touchscreen monitor
  • Canon DSLR Camera w/ AC Adapter & Adjustable Camera Mount
  • Sinfonia CS2 or Brava 21 or DNP 620A ($300 Upgrade) Printer
  • Studio Quality AC Powered Flash & Modeling Lights
  • Plexiglass Diffuser Panel to Soften Flash
  • Dual Printer Doors & Air Flow Vents
  • Pre-Configured Darkroom or Breeze Software w/ Photo Strip & Screen Templates
  • Social Media Functionality " Allows emailing of photos & automatic uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox etc.
  • Customizable Brochures, Contracts, & Pictures of the Booth for Your Website
  • Free Email & Phone Support