The Enclosures

Our enclosures are custom built to accommodate any new or existing electronic case set up. Comprised of high-grade aluminum poles and industrial strength fabric panels, they are sturdy, lightweight, and durable while providing an elegant look at any event. They set up quickly, are available in two convenient sizes, and can be printed with your company logo or custom artwork in full color as a valuable way to extend the marketing reach of your brand.

What makes the ideal photobooth enclosure?

Works With Any Electronic Equipment Setup

If you already own electronic road cases we will custom cut openings in the front panel of your enclosure to allow your computer screen, flash, camera, & start buttons which are outside the enclosure to be accessed by guests from inside the enclosure. If you are a new company and don't already own electronic cases we now offer stylish & sleek road cases to match our enclosures that are pre-installed with all the electronics and software you need to be up and running right out of the box for the ultimate turn-key photobooth solution!

Affordability & Quality

Too often one of these comes at the expense of the other, but not with us. All of our enclosures are manufactured in the USA and are made of high grade aluminum poles and thick, fire-retardant, wrinkle resistant, & machine washable fabric that will endure years of hard use. Despite the quality of the enclosures they are priced to be affordable for companies of all sizes. In fact, on average, our small enclosure can be paid off after two events and our large enclosure after just 3 events. Now that's a return on investment!

Elegant & Professional Look

To succeed in the competitive photobooth market, companies need to stand out from their competition to get noticed. All photobooths electronics & software operate in virtually the exact same way but all enclosures look quite different. Improving the look and feel of your enclosure will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition and book more events. Don't settle for pipe & drape or pop up tent enclosures that look homemade & unprofessional. The enclosure is what the guests and clients see first so make your first impression a good one.

Ability To Customize

Consistently booking events is all about word of mouth but people can't talk about you if they don't know who you are. Our enclosures allow you the ability to have your company name or logo printed directly on the back panel and on your table covers to further extend the reach of your brand. There are often hundreds of guests at any given event and most companies are missing a valuable opportunity to get their brand in front of them. Customizing your enclosure ensures that all guests at an event (all of whom are potential clients) know your name and think to hire you for their next event.

Available In Different Sizes

The enclosures are available in two convenient sizes. The large enclosure measures 6ft. wide x 6ft. deep x 7ft. tall and holds up to 12 guests, while the small enclosure measures 4 ft. wide x 6ft. deep x 7ft. tall and holds up to 6 guests. You can even purchase a combination enclosure that can easily be set up as either a large or small enclosure so you always have the flexibility to accommodate an event of any size.

Ease Of Use

One person can set up the enclosure using a single wrench and when taken apart, the panels and poles store neatly in their own carry bags. The modular design of the enclosure allows it the ability to be easily carried through standard doorways and set up in venues of any size. Since the panels are made of fabric there are no awkward, rigid panels to handle making it a breeze to transport.

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Enclosure Dimensions

Small - 4ft. wide x 6ft. deep x 7ft. tall
(accommodates up to 6 guests)

Large - 6ft. wide x 6ft. deep x 7ft. tall
(accommodates up to 12 guests)

Combination - Our most versatile enclosure is our combination option which can be set up as EITHER a small OR a large booth.It comes with all the panels & frame poles necessary to set up the enclosure in either size depending on the amount of space available at the venue or the preference of your client.