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Doug Melvin

Doug Melvin Photography, Video & Photo Booth, LLC. Columbus, Ohio
"Two years ago I was in search of adding photo booths to our wedding photography and video company located in Columbus, Ohio. Through my search, I found Photoboothenclosures.com owned and operated by Ben Allen of Focus Photography. After researching many vendors, designs and capabilities, I found myself deciding that Photobooth Enclosures was the BEST choice!

As a career photographer, having over 20 years in the business, I was completely new to the world of photo booth operations. Picking up the phone for the first time and calling Ben, I was blown away by his knowledge and great customer service. He answered many of my questions and concerns with photo booth design and assisted us in designing our system to fit our exact needs.

I was also very impressed with how well his booth enclosures and case electronics were designed and constructed. Since that first call, we purchased two complete systems for our operation. Words cannot express how pleased we are with our choice and our clients are equally pleased with the photo booth at their events! Thanks Ben!!"

Edward Coll

Skys the Limit photobooth
"I can not speak highly enough about Photobooth Enclosures. Each and every event we do, we constantly get complimented on the quality of the booth. Not only by the guests but by the other vendors and managers at the event. The other vendors and managers have the opportunity to see many different photobooth setups and they always say that we have the best they have ever seen. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out with all these compliments it is incredibly easy to sell our booth. From the quality of the material, the ease of setting up, and positive feedback, it is surely the way for your photobooth business to reach new heights!!!"

Scott S.

"I bought my first booth from Photobooth Enclosures at the beginning of 2013. I was hesitant at first, because there were so many different companies to choose from. After researching the many companies I decided to go with PBE, because of the competitive price & impeccable support. The system is turn-key and the booth is very attractive. It's not like the traditional 2 person sit down booth. I would call it more of a party booth, where up to 8 adults can get in there and have a blast. I have received nothing but positive feedback from my clients, and business has surpassed my expectations.
I HIGHLY recommend purchasing from Photo Booth Enclosures if you are interested in getting into the booth business."

Sara Michelle Carozzolo

"The photo booth enclosure we purchased from Ben at Photobooth Enclosures is truly what sets us apart from our competitors. I hesitate to express how awesome he & his product are because I don't want anyone else to find him LOL! Truly an outstanding, easy to use & high quality set-up. We are so glad we found them & use them exclusively in our photo booth business."

Wayne Fritz

Hollywood Star Photo Booth Omaha, NE
"I am the owner of Hollywood Star Photo Booth in Omaha NE.
I would just like to say that my company has bought two of Ben's professional enclosures. They are classy, beautiful, and very easy to set up. I would recommend these enclosures to any photo booth company owner. It is the BEST enclosure on the market!! Also, Ben is a fantastic guy to deal with and his service is 5 stars. Great product...Great service!! I am a very happy customer!"

Jilda Keck

Synergy Photo Booths Michigan | www.synergyphotobooths.com
"Ben at Photobooth Enclosures was absolutely fantastic to work with. Being new to the photo booth business we had an extensive amount of questions that Ben answered with patience and details that enabled us to built a successful operation in a minimal amount of time. His knowledge of the products is priceless. The enclosure, cases, and equipment are professional, elegant and help us tremendously in our quest to offer the best possible photobooth experience to our clients. Every event that I am at the guesst comment about how nice the equipment and photos are.

As my company continues to grow I would not consider working with anyone else for my company's photobooth enclosures and cases."

Brian B

"Once we decided to start our photo booth business, we spent several weeks researching different photo booth enclosures. We wanted something that was fast and easy to setup. At one point we considered pipe and drape. After researching and viewing different setups, we decided to go a different direction. We wanted to separate our business from the other companies. A clean and modern looking enclosure is what we were looking for. After extensive research we came across Focus Photobooth Enclosures. The enclosures they offer were exactly what we were looking for. We are very happy with our large enclosure purchase. We have been getting a lot of great compliments. We will definitely consider Focus Photobooth Enclosures for our future enclosure purchases. Nothing but top quality photo booth equipment. Customer service has also been excellent. Thanks for everything Ben."

Anthony Ortiz

New Jersey, Owner, Bergen Elite Booths
"I first dealt with Ben Allen of www.photoboothenclosures.com about 1yr ago. Before I spoke with Mr. Allen, I was hesitant in moving forward with my own photo booth business. Spending money on something I wasn't 100% confident in was a concern of mine. Speaking with Ben was a blessing in many ways. He answered all my questions and was truly patient. He was honest and explained all the pros and cons to my business venture. The fact he was honest showed me this was no ordinary business man. Needless to say, I made the move and I purchased the cases and enclosure. In just a few months I made my money back. It's hard competing with so many other photo booth companies on the market, but with photoboothenclosures.com I can guarantee you will blow the competition away."

Lily O.

"I just wanted to tell you this. Last weekend we participated in a radio promotional event - it was a "slumber party" for women that took place at a local hotel and vendors were invited for a small fee to sell their products. We found out the day before the event that our biggest photo booth competitor was going to be there as well. Our first feeling was to just back out but then I dug in and said - well, this is just a good opportunity to showcase our booth against theirs! I could note believe the difference between their photos and ours. They continually use a red backdrop which appears cheap and worn and the red background seems to cast a strange coloring in the faces as well. Anyway, what I was getting to is that at this event last weekend, the owner of our competitors booth and the owner's friends kept on coming over to ours and glaring at us as though we were stepping on their turf. They were not happy. The attendees at the event kept coming to us to give us their unsolicited critique of the difference between our booth and theirs and needless to say, their booth did not even compare to ours. Not even in the same playing field. Their booth didn't look nearly as nice and their camera did not take as crisp and clear photos as ours did. I just had to tell you this because I could not be happier that the circumstances as they played out, brought us to you to supply our photo booth. Thank you so much!!"


"I spent about 2 to 3 months researching everything about photobooths, contacting 10+ photobooth vendors about purchasing their systems, and even had a DIY design planned and priced out. In the end, I decided to go with Ben's photobooth system and I have no regrets. The care and detail that Ben put into his responses to my numerous questions was outstanding. Not only was I buying a photobooth, but I knew that I was buying the support and service backing the photobooth. I highly recommend Ben for anyone who is looking for a quality photobooth and outstanding support and service."

Dan Aronson

Wizard Photo Booths, New York.
"When I decided to get into the photo booth business I was concerned that I would make the right choice for the best type of booth. I can happily tell you that my clients love the booth that I got from photo booth enclosures. It is so simple to set up and looks neat, clean and tight. I also purchased all the cases from them and their tech support has been excellent. Thanks Photobooth Enclosures!"

Nick J.

"We have had our photo booth for over a year. I have only had compliments. Everyone always remarks that our photo booth is the best they have ever seen. The parts are labeled and this makes for easy assembly. After the third job, I was sure of my ability to assemble the booth without help. I would buy another."

Chadwick Sorensen

www.WhiteTieEvents.com | www.EventSoundEntertainment.com
"Your enclosure is super easy to put together. It looks great and has added great value to my company. As my business grows, I will be looking to add on another one. I highly recommend Photoboothenclosures.com."

Andrew Rodriguez

Supreme Productionz Mobile Ent.
"The enclosure is working out great!!! Clients love it because its spacious yet sheek, and much different than those ordinary old fashioned draped booths.
When we are ready to purchase another, we will definitely contact you!"